5 Deck & Patio Projects For Night Time Light Time

5 Deck & Patio Projects For Night Time Light Time

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Decks are wonderful additions to backyard landscapes and gardens.

When you incorporate deck and patio lighting to the design, nights can be transformed into magical evenings.

Here are 5 easy, simple projects you can spice up your deck to change the night time mood whenever you want!

Staggered Post Solar Light

I love this idea and so simple. In less than an hour this couple put together a great addition to their deck.

They attach solar lights to 4×4 posts or landscape timbers of different heights. Simple to do, all that is required are some basic tools and skills to put it all together. You’ll also need to bring your opinion on the height you want the lights to be.

One extra to add to this project which may add an additional 10 minutes… wrap the post with some rope for a nautical feel. Check out this deck lighting addition… forget the tiki torches! Details Here

Also, notice in the middle image the “spacer” used to give some depth. Below is a comment on the project:

Gave it a try. Had the landscaping timbers and 3″ lag bolts left over from a dog kennel project last summer, 10″ 4×4 scrap in the wood pile. Only cost was the solar lights but took me about 2 hrs to assemble. Came out GREAT and my wife thinks I’m a genius. Thanks.

Mason Jar Lantern & Citronella Candle

Two projects are very simple.

  • Mason jar lantern – Excellent How To
  • Citronella Candles, add some light and repel mosquitoes.

Solar Lighting Attached To Fence Post

Try this handy do it your self project at to save yourself some money and light your patio or deck for free! This is an easy project and adds a “romantic glow” to a deck for years to come. Check out Amazon for lighting options!

Colored Rope Lighting Installed On A Deck

Over at they have a great tutorial with a video showing how to plan, add and install LED lighting on a deck. Click on this link for the complete guide. More ideas one rope lighting here.

Fiber Optics!

This one is a bonus! A little more expensive and involved but a real WOW for guest! Lighting reflecting off water, can create unique shadows and mystery or light can highlight a special water feature.

When fiber optics and low voltage lighting merge, the results can be described only as “Cool” along with some intrigue! Check out this post and dress up the pool or patio

Watch the video: The Fortress FULL BUILD TIME LAPSE - Deck, Patio, Pergola, and Fire Pit Ideas 2020! (July 2022).


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