DIY Side Yard Landscaping Idea Steps And Tiers

DIY Side Yard Landscaping Idea Steps And Tiers

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Slopes and hillsides always provide for a challenge in landscaping and pathways. This imgur gallery shares one great looking and functional solution.

A brief project how to…

Here’s the side yard on a slope overgrown with weeds and “steps” overdue for replacing. See how the air handler hangs precariously.

First you need to gather supplies in order to make the steps – wood, gravel and soil or anything else that you need.

Make sure you get rid of all vegetation in the area.

Dig the first step and make sure you place gravel below it to stable it. You should anchor it to a house or with rebar.

Start stacking wood and attach with long screws. The wood and rocks we begin to see the “steps” take shape. Wood beams were placed every other step or so to keep up with the slope and keep going up.

All done!

Try planting Lithodora diffusa in sloping locations and to prevent erosion.

More side yard ideas here.

More visual details in the gallery via imgur

8 Creative New Ways To Use Your Side Yard

Side yards sometimes fall under the unfortunate category of wasted space.

They are usually limited in depth and generous in length which can make it hard to utilize such a weird and narrow space.

Thankfully, over at they share eight ideas to use that wasted space in your yard.

By adding planters, you create a nice view. Another idea is to create a ‘doorway’ which makes your garden seem even more enchanting, inviting, and pleasing to the eye.

For more details and ideas visit New Side Yard Uses

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