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Mimosa Pudica Care: Growing The Sensitive Plant

The creeping Mimosa pudica mim-MOH-suh, pud-EE-kuh has thin, slender stems and fuzzy leaves.It belongs to the Fabaceae family, commonly known as the bean or Leguminosae family and Mimosoideae subfamily.Mimosa pudica comes from Central America and South America but now grows naturally in parts of the Southern US and Puerto Rico.
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Best Backpack Sprayers For 2020: Your Guide To Sprayer Selection & Use

Being able to treat individual plants allows gardeners and farmers the ability to apply a wide variety of chemicals, insecticides and supplements in a targeted manner.For this purpose, a backpack sprayer like this is an invaluable and versatile tool.It allows selective treatment of specific plants or types of plants without risking damage or incorrect treatment of non-targeted plants.
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New Zealand Flax Care: Growing the Sword-Like Phormium Tenax

The bold look of the New Zealand Flax, Phormium tenax FOR-mee-um TEN-aks helps add a dramatic touch using potted plants for patio or balcony design.It features long, sword-shaped leaves that reach up to six feet tall.This evergreen perennial is part of the Asphodelaceae family, which includes over 900 species of plants.
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Lawn Care Advice – Tips For Healthy Grass Year Round

Keeping a lawn beautiful all season long does not need to be complicated – keep grass lawn care and maintenance simple with this quick and easy primer.So much of caring for a lawn and plants in the landscape comes down to knowing what needs to be done and when to do it.Timing can make a big difference.
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7 Tips On Building Rich Organic Soil for Wonderful Results

“But you have such wonderful soil” is the envious complaint of the novice gardener to the seasoned landscape and garden veteran.With this, the beginner discounts the foresight, skill and work that went into developing that “wonderful” soil. Chances are it was very poor in the beginning, probably no better than the soil the novice now has.
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Water Feature

20 Unique Ideas For Outdoor Water Features

Adding outdoor water features to your backyard space is a great way to introduce beauty and tranquility. The sound of water brings a calming sense to a landscape garden.This post contains 20 pictures of ways water can be used for decoration outside of the house. Several of the designs may look familiar as they have been featured on the TV show ‘Yard Crashers.
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