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Container Garden

Having Trouble Keeping Plants Watered?

Here’s an idea… instead of buying water crystals at Home Depot, how about trying a diaper.You read that right. Put a diaper in the bottom of your pots! The diaper will help retain the moisture in your pot. Have you ever tried it?Does it work? From Facebook – “I have done this for about 3 years and it works really great.
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How To Grow and Care For The Stargazer Lily

If you love naturally, beautiful flower arrangements in your garden, with a sweet fragrance include the Stargazer lily!The Stargazer lily (Lilium), an oriental type of lily hybrid, is a beautiful addition and will surely become a star in anyone’s garden. It’s just impossible to hate these colorful creations of nature.
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Growing Tips

Pellionia Pulchra Care: How To Grow Polynesian Ivy [INDOORS]

Pellionia pulchra (pell-ee-OH-nee-uh PUL-kruh) belongs to the Urticaceae family (along with the aluminum plant) and the genus Pellionia.Pellionia also known as the Polynesian Ivy is a low, bushy plant that has beautiful marbled leaves.It is native to South-East Asian countries, especially to Burma, Malaysia, and Vietnam.
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Add Cool Lights To A Walkway Using Solar Bricks

We’ve shared post on garden lights and solar powered sun jars.Over at that have solar brick pavers which can be inserted into a walkway or driveway. During the day the lights are built-in solar unit recharges the batteries.At night, the efficient LED lights turn themselves on and run 8+ hours on a charge.
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Silver Lace Vine Care: Tips On Growing The Polygonum Aubertii

Polygonum Aubertii pol-ee-GO-num, oh-BER-ee-eye , alternatively known as Fallopia aubertii, Fallopia baldschuanica, and Polygonum baldschuanicum, is a fast-growing vine species of the family Polygonaceae, commonly known as the knotweed family.The flowering perennial vine species is native to western China and Russia, but has demonstrated invasive tendency and has also escaped cultivation in many other areas.
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How To Grow And Care For Solomon’s Seal

Solomon’s seal plant – Polygonatum Odoratum Po-lig-oh-NAY-tum, Oh-dor-AY-tum is a perennial plant in the Asparagaceae family along with:Yucca elephantipes and Yucca gloriossaSansevieria trifasciata and Sansevieria cylindricaAgave attenuataThis flowering plant is native to Japan, Korea, Mongolia, China, Siberia, the Caucasus, and Europe.
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