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Blue Delphinium Care: All About Growing Tall Larkspur

Blue Delphiniums Del-fin-ee-um are perennial wildflowers of around 300 different species. All a part of the Buttercup family (which include Ranunculus and Clematis) and are native to the Northern Hemisphere.Part of the family is a group of dwarf varieties referred to as the Belladonna group.Its name ‘Delphinium’ has Greek origins and is derived from the Greek word for ‘dolphin’ since the flower bud was thought to resemble a dolphin’s nose.
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Tips On Leucothoe Axillaris Care

Leucothoe Axillaris (loo-KOH-thoh-ee, ax-ILL-ar-iss) is an evergreen shrub and belongs to the Ericaceae family along with Calluna Vulgaris.The broadleaf evergreen is indigenous to the eastern U.S. and is widely distributed in Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia, Florida, Virginia, and North and South Carolina.
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6 Lessons About Hosta From Expert Tony Avent

Do you like hostas? Margaret Roach of interviewed Tony Avent who has been breeding hostas for 29 years, so he is a wealth of Hosta knowledge.She had some “aha” moments. I really like his selection process he calls the “The 10-Foot Test.”Which means…“If you can’t tell it from 10 feet away without a label, throw it out, you don’t need to be introducing more plants that look like every other plant.
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House Plants

Aglaonemas – Still Leafy And Easy To Grow Houseplant

Many homeowners love Aglaonemas as houseplants… Here are a few of the “newer” varieties on the market.Aglaonema Calypso Green 10 inch potAglaonemas are:Long-lastingBeautifulEasy to growEasy careThey make decorating simple and come in a variety of sizes. With proper care the “Chinese evergreen” thrive year-round.
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Most Effective Way to Clean And Descale Your Keurig Coffee Brewer

Using a Keurig coffee/tea maker can really streamline the process of your morning beverage.While this part is streamlined though, the cleanup can be a real hassle. It does not have to be this way though.Using these simple steps you will be able to get you coffee maker back to optimal conditions, such as you bought it.
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How to Take Care And Grow Honeysuckle In Your Garden

Honeysuckle (Lonicera) or Jin Yin Hua in Chinese, is a beautiful, fragrant, vigorous, easy to grow, heat-tolerant addition to your garden.It produces lovely, abundant, fragrant flowers in shades of white, yellow, pink and red that will draw butterflies, hummingbirds and honeybees to your yard throughout the summer months.
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