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Growing Gaura: How To Care For The Gaura Plant

Gaura is a native of Mexico and Texas, and its Spanish name translates as “superb”. It is an attractive, drought-resistant shrub that does well in a sunny setting with light, well-drained soil.In its original native form, it grows to a height of three feet tall and spreads to be about three feet wide.
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Campanula Portenschlagiana Care: How to Grow Dalmation Bellflowers

The Campanula Portenschlagiana kam-PAN-yoo-luh port-en-shlag-ee-AH-nuh a long name that is difficult to say. It is one of many bellflower plants.You shouldn’t confuse this gorgeous plant with the Campanula Medium, also called at times the bellflower or Canterbury Bells.While both plants belong to the genus Campanula and the family Campanulaceae.
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Uses For Borax In The Garden

Boron is a mineral salt with acidic properties. It is naturally occurring, and it is the only ingredient in Borax. This product has been around for ages, but borax uses go beyond its excellent reputation as an all natural cleaner.Borax (sodium tetraborate decahydrate), also known as sodium borate, disodium tetraborate, or sodium tetraborate, makes a good laundry booster, and it has powerful, natural disinfectant properties.
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20+ Blooming Summer Bulbs You Should Plant In Your Garden

For some color, texture, height and drama looking at adding some summer bulbs to your garden.Some can go in the ground, others need to be lifted and stored depending on location and others keeping them in pots or containers is a great way to “keep them.”Check out these summer-flowering bulbs to add some pizazz to your summer garden.
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8 Perennial Flowers That Don’t Need Dividing

We all like to have more plants and color in the landscape. Not all plants live forever, in the case of perennials some only live in the landscape 3 to 4 years, others can live for decades.Some multiply and spread slowly or by seeding. Others should be divided very rarely, like every decade. Some truly dislike being divided at all.
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[14 WAYS] How To Get Rid Of Stink Bugs In The Garden

Have you wondered – “How to get rid of stink bugs”? This chestnut colored marmorated stink bugs from Asia that incidentally found their way to North America. They can be a genuine issue for any household, asThey can be a genuine issue for any household, as these intrusive pests like to spend the winter inside your home.
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