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Growing Tips

Japanese Snowbell Care: All About Growing Styrax Japonicus

Styrax japonicus STY-raks, juh-PON-ih-kuhs is a deciduous flowering tree species of the Styracaceae family.Native to Japan, Korea, and China, the plant features upward-facing ovate leaves and dark green-brown, olive-like fruits appearing after the flowering season and persist till late autumn.The color of the foliage does not usually change in fall, but when it does, it gets a beautiful yellow to red fall color.
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Garden Gates: How To Make A Great Entrance

Do you wish your garden gate made a statement as to the kind of garden hiding behind it? If that’s the case, make sure to check out this collection of garden gates with some unique gate designs.You’ll find creative design ideas for your garden entrance that will surely turn a bland and uninteresting garden into something that’s sure to impress.
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Campanula Rotundifolia Plant: How To Grow And Care For Harebell

Campanula rotundifolia kam-PAN-yoo-luh, ro-tun-dih-FOH-lee-uh is an herbaceous perennial belonging to the family Campanulaceae.The plant’s genus name Campanula is derived from the Latin word campana, which means bell.The specific epithet is also Latin and means rounded leaves referring to the rounded basal leaves of the plant.
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Destroy And Kill Ant Piles – An Easy Solution?

When the rainy season starts ant piles show up. Recently, I was looking for a simple “natural” method to destroy ant piles.One post suggested finding two ant piles, digging one up and mixing with the other. The idea was that the colonies would fight to the death for the queen. Not sure how well that would work.
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Health Benefits

8 Mushroom Health Benefits You May Not Know But Should

There are various benefits associated with the consumption of mushrooms. Mushrooms serve as a fungus belonging to mushroom or umbrella forming species with over 140 thousands species. However, the ones under scrutiny for potential health and nutritional benefits only amount to 100.The most common mushrooms known by the scientific name agaricus bisporus is also the most consumed mushroom in the world.
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